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Category: Rural Services

Category: Rural Services

Employee Profile: Meet Merv…
Image March 18, 2016 Chicken Litter,Employees,Fleet,Molasses,Rural Services Charmaine Acworth

EMPLOYEE PROFILE…              Meet Merv…                      “When I get out on the road it relaxes me. There is nothing like the open road.” -Merv- Merv is one of our many long-term employees here at Arthy Rural Services, gracing us with his presence since 2007. If you have ordered chicken litter, lime, gypsum or molasses from us, or

Soil Testing: What is it and why is it important?
Image March 18, 2016 Chicken Litter,Farming,Rural Services,Soil Care Charmaine Acworth

Why Soil Test? – Report by Agronomist Tony De Vere… The ultimate goal for soil testing is profitability. You want to know what investment in fertiliser will give you the best dollar return. Achieving and maintaining soil fertility is important for sustaining an acceptable level of crop production & quality.

Updates and Developments: Meet Rexie…
Image March 18, 2016 Chicken Litter,Farming,Fleet,Rural Services,Silage,Soil Care Charmaine Acworth

Meet Rexie! We are always looking for ways we can improve and fine-tune our services to meet our customers needs. Our new bobcat ‘Rexie’ helps us do just that, providing a welcome addition to our fleet.  With chicken farm turn-around times getting shorter and shorter, and increased pressure to provide quicker cleanouts, Rexie enables us

John Clothier: Christmas Creek Pastoral Company
Image December 16, 2015 Chicken Litter,Farming,Rural Services Charmaine Acworth

John Clothier is the owner and manager of Christmas Creek Pastoral Company, a 147 hectare property 20 minutes south of Beaudesert.  As well as providing agistment services to thoroughbred race horses, he also runs 200-300 head of beef cattle.  For his cattle feed, he plants rye grass in winter and millet and sorghum in summer,

How Much Calcium Leaves Your Farm Every Day?
Image December 16, 2015 Rural Services,Soil Care Marion Arthy

HOW MUCH CALCIUM LEAVES YOUR FARM EVERY DAY?… How many years have you been driving all the nutrients from your farm, out of the gate in the milk tankers and grain trucks, gradually altering the pH of your soil?