Chicken Litter

Chicken Litter

Supply and spread bulk litter…

We would like to encourage anyone thinking of using chicken litter to let us know as soon as possible, even if you may not need it for several months.  Seasonal demand means at times we can have a waiting list for any new chicken litter orders.  Even though we are undertaking cleanouts almost every week from sheds all over south-east Queensland, with the weather being so unpredictable we sometimes need to make decisions almost on the day as to where it is dry enough to be able to unload.  This may mean asking some farmers to stockpile litter in advance of their needs.

Many thanks to Russell and Jenny from Scenic Rim Lucerne for supplying this amazing video of our machinery spreading feedlot manure on their Kalbar property. The drone footage was captured and edited by Benjamin Wieland from Spur-W-4 Photography.


Push and Sweep of Chicken Litter.
Pushing up Chicken Litter for removal from multi-batch broiler shed.

Full Cleanout of Litter from a Chicken Shed.