Organic Soil Conditioners

Organic Soil Conditioners
We build custom soil treatments…
Building Custom Soil Treatments.

As well as spreading chicken litter, we can also supply, deliver and spread bulk lime, gypsum, dolomite, crusher dust and micro-elements such as zinc, boron, copper etc.  We have been achieving great results from the mixing and spreading of custom fertiliser blends (“brews”), as part of a complete soil care plan based on your farms’ soil analysis (we can arrange one for you if required).  We work with an experienced Agronomist who gives sound unbiased reports and recommendations that are easy to follow and implement.

Blending a custom soil treatment for lucern 1
Building a custom soil treatment for lucerne.



Arthy Rural Services is proud to announce that we are now the Scenic Rim distributors for Nu-Trio: the only compound fertiliser manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.  Nu-Trio is of a granular composition guaranteeing balanced nutrients; no segregation of nutrients; stable and even supply of trace elements; as well as a customised product range for all crops.  For information on the complete Nu-Trio range and how it can benefit you visit Apollo Fertilisers and give us a call to see how we can help.

We are also agents for Petrik Soil Biologies, which we can apply using our Marshall Spreader as it has been outfitted with a special spray tank for this purpose.  These products are mixed with water and applied directly to the manure as it comes out of the back of the spreader, so adds no extra time to the spreading.  Petrik’s Evergreen is a microbial based material which works towards improving soil structure and fertility.  It increases soil metabolism, allowing better utilisation of all inputs, increasing nutrient and water storage, plant available nutrients and soil tilth.  Petrik’s Green Manure Plus provides protection and support for microbial colonies, enabling them to more easily establish and reach their full potential in the root zone.  We also have a portable spray tank available if you have your own spreader, but would like to try the Petrik products.

For an introduction to Petrik Soil Biologies and all the benefits of a customised product visit the Petrik website and give us a call to see how we can build a custom blend for you.

Marshall Spreader
Our Marshall spreader looking super spiffy after its refurb. All loaded up ready for a chicken litter & Petrik spreading job at Gatton. Thanks to MJW Spraypainting for the blasting and paint job.