Arthy Rural Services…a family business since 1972

Arthy Rural Services…a family business since 1972
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 It’s a long way from 1972 when Ray and Kirtsey Arthy established Arthy Rural Services, a small rural business relied upon by locals for the supply of molasses. With a 4 tonne Bedford truck borrowed from his father, Ray would haul molasses from Rocky Point Sugar Mill to local dairy farmers. With over 100 dairy and cattle farms in the region at that time, the demand for molasses alone sustained a healthy business.  Ray also built many local molasses tanks, stand & feeding outfits.  For the farmers who didn’t have storage tanks, the filling of 44 gallon drums became a weekend family activity. Kirtsey fondly recalls the number of vehicles lined up every Saturday for molasses, as the family spent hours filling drums for farmers.

 “Cars would be lined up as far as we could see, all the way down the road and onto the main highway.  Marion as a young girl would often be helping Ray with the valves on the tank, getting covered in molasses in the process!” -Kirtsey-

These days you’ll find Marion multi-tasking in the office, managing administration, handling the logistics of customer service, liaising with customers old and new, as well as balancing the books, whilst the molasses is delivered to farmers and feedlots in b-double tankers! 

As the demand for molasses grew, Ray’s second eldest son Stuart was employed as a driver.  At one point we had 4 b-double units in operation, carting molasses and liquid feed to Tully, Winton, Charleville, Julia Creek, Texas, Kyneton, North Star & everywhere in between.  Molasses dominated the business for many years until the acquisition of a small fertiliser spreader in the early 1990’s.  With the encouragement of John Keaveney at Beaudesert AMH, Ray built the semi-spreader to enable the spreading of feedlot manure in one operation.  This spreader is still in use on the Darling Downs!  It wasn’t until the late 90’s when poultry farming became more extensive in the Scenic Rim that Stuart took the initiative to invest in two walking floor trailers for poultry farm cleanouts and thus become financially involved in the direction of Arthy Rural Services. 

Under Ray and Stuart’s direction, the business steadily grew, balancing acquisitions with the needs of local farmers and establishing firm footings in the agricultural industry. 

Marion joined the business in 2007, after nearly three years travelling the globe!  Knowing Ray and Kirtsey were aiming to wind down their involvement and tentatively looking towards retirement, Marion wanted to continue the family legacy and joined Stuart in becoming partners and joint directors of Arthy Rural Services.  After a few years of transition, Ray and Kirtsey are now officially retired.  With a business established on strong foundations, Stuart and Marion have taken the wheel and are steering Arthy Rural Services into the future with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm.

Gone are the days of molasses queues, Bedford trucks, and sticky children!  The fleet has grown significantly to include five prime movers, four tankers, two walking floors, two semi-tippers, plant trailers and various plant such as bobcats, tractors, custom spreaders and loaders, and one brand new spreader truck (see first page)!  Arthy Rural Services now employs 10 staff members and provides a range of services not only to the dairy industry, but to the poultry and beef industries, the horticultural industry, composting operations, turf farms and hobby farms alike.

Stuart and Marion have a combined vision for the future of Arthy Rural Services.  As any business owner they want to see it grow and reach new heights, providing a service that represents integrity, innovative thinking, and industry advancement.

“You know business is progressing well when your workload increases yet you find yourself with more hours in the day, because we are learning how to do the same job in a more productive and efficient way.”  -Stuart –

‘We absolutely love what we do and take pride in every job.  When you use Arthy Rural Services you can rest assured you are using a professional, reputable family-owned company with a proven history and long-standing ties to the agricultural community, not only in the Scenic Rim but in the greater South East and beyond.”  – Marion

Ray’s first gravel tippers, carting for Main Roads late 70’s, early 80’s. One of these bins is now our scrap metal bin!
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