Contemplating Chicken Litter?

Contemplating Chicken Litter?
June 16, 2015 Comments Off on Contemplating Chicken Litter? Chicken Litter,Rural Services Marion Arthy

When chickens are raised on the ground in broiler houses, a layer of material (usually fine wood shavings) is used to cover the ground to provide a suitable surface for the birds. This litter absorbs much of the faeces (manure) produced by the birds.  It may also contain spilt chicken feed.  The chicken litter is renewed regularly (single/multi batch) and the old material is often used as fertiliser (“litter”).

Chicken litter supplies nutrients, helps hold moisture, improves soil structure and encourages organisms such as worms.  It is also suitable to use as a spreadable base to blend with chemicals and fertilisers such as gypsum, lime, magnesium, boron and potassium, depending on your requirements.   [source:]                          

SINGLE BATCH VS MULTI-BATCH?                                                                

Analyses we have undertaken have shown there is little difference between single and multi-batch litter, providing that the chicken grower is applying the correct methods.  We call it the “Shavings to Shit Ratio”.  Multi-batch litter is not necessarily better than single batch litter.  Single batch litter can often contain a smaller percentage of wood shavings per batch.  Multi-batch growers can sometimes over-apply shavings, resulting in higher concentrations of shavings than necessary.  The end product can actually be of a lesser quality than single batch.  We have worked closely with the chicken growers we source from to ensure that all our litter is of the highest quality possible.

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