Employee Profile: Meet Merv…

Employee Profile: Meet Merv…
March 18, 2016 Comments Off on Employee Profile: Meet Merv… Chicken Litter,Employees,Fleet,Molasses,Rural Services Charmaine Acworth
EMPLOYEE PROFILE…             
Meet Merv…                     

“When I get out on the road it relaxes me. There is nothing like the open road.” -Merv-

Merv is one of our many long-term employees here at Arthy Rural Services, gracing us with his presence since 2007. If you have ordered chicken litter, lime, gypsum or molasses from us, or if we have harvested your silage, then you have most probably met our Merv somewhere out on the job.

When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Merv replied promptly with an “everything”! He loves the Arthy’s and the work environment. Merv particularly mentioned the helpful staff at Rocky Point Refinery and weighbridge, and how he likes to help out farmers and customers with any questions they may have and hopefully point them in the right direction.  With all his experience Merv has been offered work elsewhere, but he refuses to leave us! Thank you Merv!

In his spare time Merv enjoys being a handyman and working in the yard. Along with his surrogate kids; Bullet, who goes like a bat out of hell, and Stampy, who will lick you to death, they love nothing more than heading up to the creeks in and around Darlington for a playful swim.  To get away from it all, Merv and his wife Wendy, enjoy spending time with family on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

Merv is very particular about his truck. He keeps it meticulously clean and in order. He knows if something is out of place or if somebody has been in it! According to Merv it is important to know your truck, it needs to be well looked after and reliable. We wouldn’t be surprised if he dusts it for fingerprints before every job!

To sum up how we appreciate Merv, in the words of one of our directors, Stuart Arthy;

“It’s rare to find somebody who will treat the equipment like it is their own. We can always rely on Merv to keep his truck in the best condition possible and give one hundred percent  when he is out on the job.  He is an asset to Arthy Rural Services.”

Or, as Merv wisely says: “You’ve got to look after your job and it will look after you.”

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