New Poultry Shed Floor

New Poultry Shed Floor
October 31, 2019 Comments Off on New Poultry Shed Floor Rural Services Charmaine Acworth

A shed floor at Clayton Tully’s free-range farm in Esk is looking pretty special after the Arthy Rural treatment.

In conjuction with Matty Drynan from CCE Pty Ltd it took 2 days and two pozi track loaders [one fitted with a laser level], a dozer, roller, plate compactor and telehandler to rip up the old floor and incorporate and finish the new one. 

We brought in a significant volume [estimate 250 tonnes] of ant-bed fill excavated from an on-farm dam expansion to raise the entire floor by 2 inches. 

Clayton is extremely pleased with the outcome stating;

 “I am really happy with the job, the finished floor has really exceeded my expectations…”  Clayton Tully


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