Our new tankers

Our new tankers
December 24, 2018 Comments Off on Our new tankers Rural Services Charmaine Acworth

We are very proud to announce the newest additions to our fleet. Our custom built tankers carry a payload of 40 tonne and are now ready for molasses and liquid feed deliveries. The build was contracted to Felco Manufacturing Pty Ltd in Toowoomba and Moore Trailers at Pittsworth. Felco designed and manufactured the fibreglass tanks, pipe work, hydraulics and pumps whilst Moore Trailers handled the chassis and running gear.

The hydraulics and pump out system was designed in collaboration with Stuart Arthy, based on our tried and true designs and proven refined technologies from over the last 30 years. The fibreglass tanks give longer life expectancy than traditional steel or aluminium when carting liquid feed and supplements and an extremely fast pump out time utilising high volume pumps  maximises turnaround time. Tyre wear and fuel efficiencies are also improved with lift up axles when empty, additionally making the tankers more environmentally friendly.

Molasses supplies have been limited this season due to the continuing drought and increase in demand.  Sourcing molasses has taken us from Rocky Point at Woongoolba to Bundaberg, Maryborough and Brandon in far North Queensland.  We have traveled far and wide to keep continuity of supply to our customers as well as meet the increase in new orders.

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