our services

our services

We provide the following key products and services:

  • drum and bulk molasses and liquid feeds in 10, 24 and 36 tonne loads;
  • bulk raw and aged chicken litter, gypsum, lime and organic type fertilisers;
  • soil testing and custom fertiliser blends;
  • forage harvesting [silage contracting], haulage and rolling;
  • spreading services and equipment available for broad acre applications;
  • small bulldozer, semi tipper, walking floor and flat top trailers available for hire.

We source our many products from Northern NSW, South East Queensland and the Central Queensland Coast and service dairy farms, feedlots, liquid feed and fertiliser manufacturers, landscapers, hobby farms, and fruit and vegetable growers from as far north as Bundaberg to Toowoomba, Boonah to Redland Bay, Mudgeeraba to Esk and everywhere in between!


Arthy Rural Services can also refurbish chicken shed floors. We understand the importance of a well maintained floor, firm, compacted and free of loose gravel.  There is often a small window of time available between batches of chickens to complete shed repairs and maintenance.  As well as using our own machinery, we also utilise the services of local contractors who supply us with fill, rollers, compactors and any additional machines or resources required to do the job efficiently and professionally.

We use a specially blended fill sourced from a local quarry with a higher percentage of clay, thus helping bind the floor together. We have found that cheaper fill, or fill that has been dug from a hole onsite, often does not bind as well.  We have seen many floors done this way lifting up within a few months of completion and having to be re-done or repaired.  If you would like to chat with us about floor refurbishing please give us a call.