Quad Bike Safety

Quad Bike Safety
May 24, 2018 Comments Off on Quad Bike Safety Farming,Fleet,Rural Services Charmaine Acworth

Are you being safe?  Queensland has the highest rate of quad bike-related deaths in Australia with 20% being children under 16.   One in five quad bike incidents result in head injury with the most common being crush, head and cervical spine injuries.  With the use of quad bikes becoming increasingly popular, not only on farms but as back yard recreational tools, the message to be ‘ride ready and stay safe’ is more prevalent than ever.   

The lure of fun, or getting the job done, often overrides the risks with general safety being disregarded.  There are five simple rules you can follow to ensure you and your children ride safe:

  1. Wear a helmet
  2. Kids on kids bikes
  3. Don’t Double
  4. Don’t Overload
  5. Rider Training

Safety gear and training is your best protection.  Don’t let kids ride adult bikes, they don’t have the strength to handle a 300kg bike.  Doubling and overloading can create an unstable ride which is harder to control.  For more information please read the brochures we have included with this newsletter and stay safe on your quad. 

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